Find inspiration in the curves around you.

When I peer through a camera lens, or put my phone’s screen up to my face, I never really know what a photograph will look like. I love photography, but over the years I’ve taken pictures less and less, passively, and with less intent. When composing a shot, I let the elements in the frame dictate the composition. I follow their lead. This is especially true with leading lines: I let lines — straight, squiggly, bending — decide what type of photo I will take.

Read more about leading lines and curves in photography.

One afternoon, I strolled toward the London Eye, on the South Bank along the Thames River in London. This massive rounded structure — with its perfect curve and straight lines — was partially covered by bare, wild branches, and this view captured the interplay of both:


For this week’s challenge, get inspired by the curves around you. From curves in architecture to bends in nature to man-made undulations, you have lots to work with!

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  1. Great photo!
    There’s something suggestive about curves… they’re often soft and sensual so I suppose the subconscious naughty lad in me is always looking at curves with a slightly different point of view!
    I strive to capture the moment… just as you have with this image! 😉

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  2. You have the artist’s eyes.
    If you find the beauty in the HIDDEN seen, If you choose the right point of light if you philosophize the picture, if you master the technique you will be … great artistic photographer (not commercial)

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