Take us to school with your photos this week, and show us some ABCs.

A week or two ago, I found myself in Alphabet City on a damp December day with a craving for coffee and a few hours to kill. My laptop and I settled into a coffee shop filled with local film students scribbling away at their new screenplays.

The coffee was dark, the walls gray, and the students’ skinny jeans as black as their comedies. But outside, Alphabet City refused to give in to the monochrome monotony of winter — the streets pulsed with color, including this block-long alphabet mural:

alphabet city

This week, let the alphabet be your inspiration: find a string of letters. Try a multi-photo gallery to collect images of single characters. Find some beautiful typography, or look for letters hidden in natural forms. I’m excited to see your ABCs!

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  1. Why don’t Photo Challenge posts/announcements get into Reader? I followed your blog to not miss Photo Challenge but I keep missing it as it doesn’t get into Reader when all other posts do.


    1. The pingback is working now, I am not impressed with the categories and shortlinks. My category list is a mess now, Any suggestions how to put it back in order again? And the tags history is gone too, that was practical to have the most used tags at hand.


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