A Good Match

This week, share a photo of things that complement each other.

Some things just work together: babies and stripes; roadtrips and loud music; beaches and beer. Creating these perfect pairings often requires some advance preparation, which is why I love stumbling upon them in my daily life — it makes it that much easier to take pleasure in what might otherwise feel routine or trivial.


In my book, coffee, sparkling water, and a donut (okay, I confess: a fancy donut) make one such perfect combination. Sweet and bitter, cold and hot, smooth and fizzy — all these sensations come together to create a coherent, “this morning is going to be just fine” experience.

This week, share a photo of a satisfying pairing from your own life. You should by no means limit yourself to edible stuff — You can mix and match places, people, objects, and activities that represent your idea of a harmonious, pleasing combination.

I look forward to browsing your photos!

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  1. Really interesting challenge.
    I’d a question. Is there anyway we can add a button like “Post about xyz” just like the daily post in our blog? Suppose, I want to host a writing challenge for my followers. Does this require like custom code or can it be done by any blogger?

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    1. Thanks for asking — this is currently available for Daily Post prompts and challenges only, and required some behind-the-scenes work by our team.

      While not quite the same — and not a button — you could go for a similar effect by ending a challenge or a writing prompt on your own site with a sendoff (say, “Write your post!” or “Now it’s your turn,” etc.), and link it to That link will take any blogger directly to their post editor, and doesn’t require any specific information about their site — each person will be automatically directed to their post editor on their own site.

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  2. Gosh… getting used to the weekly challenge arriving on a Wednesday is proving a tad difficult for me… but, I’m sure in time the two will become a good match! 😉
    I can think of quite a number of good… no, great matches in my life so I’m going to have fun! Thanks! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a great catch — thanks for pointing it out. We’ll fix it shortly!

        I also want to stress that while challenges are now published on Wednesdays, they remain open, as before, for a week — so nothing stops you or anyone else from publishing your posts on Friday, if that fits better with your schedule.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Yep… I enjoy the flexibility but on the blogging front, I live by the weekly anticipation cycle! (Sad but true… ) 😉 Adds to my fun and blogging pleasure! I’m sure that goes for many!
        Great choice this week… you’ll most likely get many multiple posts from folk! 😀


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