A Good Match

This week, share a photo of things that complement each other.

Some things just work together: babies and stripes; roadtrips and loud music; beaches and beer. Creating these perfect pairings often requires some advance preparation, which is why I love stumbling upon them in my daily life — it makes it that much easier to take pleasure in what might otherwise feel routine or trivial.


In my book, coffee, sparkling water, and a donut (okay, I confess: a fancy donut) make one such perfect combination. Sweet and bitter, cold and hot, smooth and fizzy — all these sensations come together to create a coherent, “this morning is going to be just fine” experience.

This week, share a photo of a satisfying pairing from your own life. You should by no means limit yourself to edible stuff — You can mix and match places, people, objects, and activities that represent your idea of a harmonious, pleasing combination.

I look forward to browsing your photos!

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  1. Really interesting challenge.
    I’d a question. Is there anyway we can add a button like “Post about xyz” just like the daily post in our blog? Suppose, I want to host a writing challenge for my followers. Does this require like custom code or can it be done by any blogger?

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    1. Thanks for asking — this is currently available for Daily Post prompts and challenges only, and required some behind-the-scenes work by our team.

      While not quite the same — and not a button — you could go for a similar effect by ending a challenge or a writing prompt on your own site with a sendoff (say, “Write your post!” or “Now it’s your turn,” etc.), and link it to https://wordpress.com/post/. That link will take any blogger directly to their post editor, and doesn’t require any specific information about their site — each person will be automatically directed to their post editor on their own site.

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  2. Gosh… getting used to the weekly challenge arriving on a Wednesday is proving a tad difficult for me… but, I’m sure in time the two will become a good match! 😉
    I can think of quite a number of good… no, great matches in my life so I’m going to have fun! Thanks! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a great catch — thanks for pointing it out. We’ll fix it shortly!

        I also want to stress that while challenges are now published on Wednesdays, they remain open, as before, for a week — so nothing stops you or anyone else from publishing your posts on Friday, if that fits better with your schedule.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Yep… I enjoy the flexibility but on the blogging front, I live by the weekly anticipation cycle! (Sad but true… ) 😉 Adds to my fun and blogging pleasure! I’m sure that goes for many!
        Great choice this week… you’ll most likely get many multiple posts from folk! 😀


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