Finding our inspiration in a recent webcomic, let’s consider the connections — big and small — we’ve made through our blogs.

Photo by fla m (CC BY 2.0)

Last week on Discover, we featured a recent webcomic from Autistic InnerSpace. Helen publishes art of various forms, from comics to drawings to portraits.

In comic #70, she describes how she draws portraits of people and then reaches out on Twitter to share her work with them — and how incredible it feels when they respond.

It means they know I exist and together we’ve made a new human connection.

I appreciate the simplicity and positivity in this comic, and how, in my experience, it encapsulates the best of blogging. One of my favorite things about being part of the community is receiving a comment from someone on the other side of the world who identifies with what I’ve written. Or coming upon a piece of writing or photograph or work of art — like Helen’s comic — that resonates so much that it inspires me to think and to react . . . and to produce this challenge!

For more inspiration:

  • What makes a connection feel “human” online?
  • Tell us about a post that changed your life.
  • Have you published a post that led to a friendship or new opportunity?
  • Which of your posts have made you feel more connected to your readers?

For this Discover challenge, think about the ways you’ve connected — big or small — to others through blogging (or any online community or outlet). Was it an unexpected thoughtful comment from a reader in a different country? A series of tweets with a celebrity or person you admire? An online exchange that led you to meet someone in real life — and become dear friends? Tell us that story, or show us what that connection looks or feels like, in any format you prefer.

To help other participants and new fans find your response in the Reader, tag your post #DiscoverWP. Not sure how to add a tag? Learn more.

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  1. I too have found a great deal of contentment with the blogging bunch. I haven’t met anyone of my WordPress friends face to face yet, but I think when that happens we won’t have much trouble getting ourselves comfy and talking and laughing. What amazes me the most at this point is how much I think of my blogging friends when I’m NOT blogging. When a person’s ill or having a tough time or when their writing is going zilch or when they are on a great trip or whenever! It’s a great feeling.

    Thanks Cheri for the truly wonderful post.

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    1. Hi there — I think the link you meant to share was this one:

      We have a place where bloggers can share their first posts. It is called First Friday — here is the most recent one:

      You can share future posts in our weekly Community Pool for feedback, to ask questions, etc.:

      Thanks for blogging with us.

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  2. We let ourselves go with no understanding to what we give into.. Being connected to someone doesn’t mean you have to lose the connection you have with yourself..

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  3. Such a beautiful post.

    It is both amazing and ironic how effectively technology can aid in forging human connections as well as in disrupting them (yeah, am looking at those who eat at the dinner table with their heads poring over their cellphones).

    I guess it depends on how we use technology.. Our choices can either enrich our inner lives or deplete it.

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