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  1. Hello! I started a new blog..and I love it! But, I can’t say the same for many others. I don’t have many views..I know that may be partly be due to poor advertisement, but what about content? I would like some feedback is it relate-able or entertaining? Also, my blog is not focused on something that an issue? The whole point of my blog is to an outlet and ultimately an online community that discusses various topics and become better for it. Thanks in advance for any feedback!


  2. Does anyone else find that they have different groups of readers or interactions on types of post at least?

    I have 3 sets of posts that get different reactions (at least from a stats point of view):
    Restaurant Reviews – Higher views but low comments or likes
    Things to do & Digest posts – Lower views but higher comments and medium likes
    Sharing our cultures – Medium views, low comments but higer likes


  3. I’m new to blogs. I started a series of children’s books, with the mind set of positive thinking, good attitude, philosophies of the Secret, told in mysteries and short stories for children 6-9 yrs old. I want to advertise my blog and also relate to common blogs with like minded people. There are so many out there, what is the easiest way to join others and/or bring mine to light? Thanks!


  4. I am participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge and posting every day but still can’t get my readers to comment. They will however leave comments on my Facebook timeline when I share the link there. What should I be doing differently to get some interactive conversation going?


    1. Sorry I don’t have any recommendations. Just wanted to say I have the same problem on my blog. I get comments on my posts from wordpress users but everyone else seems to comment on Facebook or not at all.


  5. Well-I may have posted this twice. Advanced apologies. I would like to ramp up my personal blog at and my new one I’ve also used WP for my business Anything I could do to make them more traffic worthy?


  6. Tell all of the religious faiths to visit our newly found page: The Gospel 116! We provide historical findings and biblical references open for discussion. We are doing the work of the Lord and are in need of viewers to tune in to our latest posts! Thank you! God bless! ~~ The Gospel 116


  7. I’m starting a new blog and I really don’t know what I’m doing. Does anyone have any good ideas about the theme and whatnot?


      1. That’s ok. Do you mind taking a look at my blog and giving me some feedback? I only started it this month so would appreciate knowing if there is anything I could improve.


    1. Hi Megan, I was looking over your blog and About Me page and I think it’s great. The colours go well together and I think the yellow border is good as it stands out the title, I also like how simple the layout is.


  8. Hi, I am celebrating my one year blogging anniversary today and I am beyond proud and excited of the blog. It’s been a difficult year but we actually made it to one year and are continuing to grow. I am part of a difficult blogging community because my blog is targeting young Christian women. I would love if some would take a look at the blog and let me know how to improve whether the content or the design. All feedback is greatly appreciated.


  9. Hello!
    I am a sixteen-year old, who blogs.
    My blog doesn’t have a lot of readers and reviewers.
    So, I’d like suggestions on how to improve my blog.
    I’ll be glad if you could please give your honest criticisms and suggestions on my blog.

    P. S. Please tell me on my blog itself. Not here.


  10. Hiya Can you check out my blog at and give some feedback? Any recommendations or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.


  11. I just like posting what I like to post I write what on my mind and what goes on in my daily life. The reason why I am making my blog in the first place is for future me to look at. 15 years old right now when I see something that I made 9 years ago in grade school I felt proud so for the same purpose. But I would like some input on how I could make my future my laugh more 😀


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  13. I started Mirrors of Encounters three years ago.

    I started “blogging” out of inner necessity. Pure and simple, I write because I am simply urged to by an unknown inner authority. THINGS NEED TO BE CALLED BY THEIR REAL NAME.
    And this is the main reason why I write: not so much to “make myself a name” but to reach out with things that are – at least in my opinion – fundamentally important.

    Now, 37.000 views later, I am rather confused.

    Evidently, people are interested to read my stuff – given the relative big feed-back.
    But what I receive is a whole bunch of “likes” and almost no comments.

    The thing is that I kind of feel that I cannot continue with things the way they presently are.

    Sincere debate things can take anoter level. Although seemingly pertinent, my writing doesn´t seem to motivate and engage people to take a stand and comment.
    I have the feeling that the subjects I take up are too taboo. I seem to scare people away.
    Do I…?

    A single individual cannot bring about a difference. That´s why many times I felt that it is pointless to go on. I will never quit writing, although I feel I many times I write in vain.
    It is indeed time and “soul” consuming to write without being “endorsed” in a more “matter-of-fact” manner.

    So…what´s the next step? What can I do…?Any constructive feed-back? How can one initiate discussions with truly honest people, interested to make a healthy difference in this world…?


    1. Nice to meet you Julianmatei. Man, do I feel your frustration!! I have noticed that the topics most folks make comments on are either easy to shout out about or are ‘built’ (so to speak) on a platform of the usual, such as politics, race, sex, movies, and religion. What are you interested in debating with some of those 37,000 viewers? Truthfully, I don’t know if I could hang in there for three years being politely liked but politically rejected. I would like to read some of your topics you think may be taboo. What is your link? Check out my site and tell me if it is too ‘out there’ for the so-called average blog browsers.


      1. Hi there,

        How I love this “being politely liked but politically rejected.”

        In today-world wherever you go and whatever you do, you bump into this inane politeness which is basically a total non commitment. It is in fact a blatant disinterest to look further and within, a kind of ubiquitous mental sloth and unwillingness to examine oneself which is agonizingly destructive.

        It comes a point when each one of us has to stop blaming “the other” and look inside. Truth be said, people prefer to die, rather than considering their inner person through thorough examination; that is why it´s kind of a hopeless task to engage people in this kind of spiritual pursuit.

        The crisis of our modern age is to be found within, but no one wants to admit this simple fact. There is in fact a spiritual crisis, of morality, of identity which has spawned the present human predicament in all its blatant dysfunctionality.

        So I write for those who are willing and prepared to see Life in a more overarching perspective. For those who want to see the cause of our misery. For those who want to empower themselves, taking the responsibility of plunging into self-knowledge. Yes, for those who see that only the pursuit of Truth can solve our problems in these unsettling times.

        Thank you for your comment.

        I will check you site now. Best regards,


        Here are some links which you may find worth considering.


      2. Hey Julienmatei! Yeah, as an INTJ (female) folks are polite but basically really think I’m a flake. I’ll check out the links you sent, and leave comments!!!


  14. Is shorts considered a “type”/common name for posts?

    I saw it on someones blog but didn’t want to copy and so went with calling them digest instead but is shorts commonly used?