Free Space to Three Gigabytes

Much of the work we do at Automattic is behind the scenes, infrastructure you’ll (hopefully) never notice or see, but we’re always thinking about how the improvements we make to the foundation of the site will allow us to build more interesting things on top of it.

Today, one of those developments comes to fruition — everyone’s free upload space has been increased 60x from 50mb to 3,000mb. To get the same amount of space at our nearest competitor, Typepad, you’d pay at least $300 a year. Blogger only gives you 1GB. We’re doing the same thing for free.

Our hope is that much in the same way Gmail transformed the way people think about email, we’ll give people the freedom to blog rich media without having to worry about how many kilobytes are left in their upload space.

How are we able to do this? Over the past year we’ve developed our file infrastructure, replication, backup, caching, and S3-backed storage to the point where we don’t feel like we need to artificially limit what you folks are able to upload just to keep up with growth. We’re ready for you. 🙂

What about the space upgrades? They’re still important. You still need a space upgrade to upload certain file types, like movies, and we’re also increasing the limits of the paid upgrades, so if you bought a 1GB upgrade before it now adds 5GB for no additional charge.

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  1. T.U. Dinesh

    cool. wordpress rocks as usual.


  2. benny75

    YOU RULEZ. TKS!!!!

    Saluti Celesti


  3. freealternative

    Wow this is a great move…thanks!
    Won’t have to worry about space any more ❤


  4. تراموا

    I love wordpress 😀


  5. brainstuck

    even more reasons to stay on hosting.


  6. Girish Chandra

    wooooohoooo!!!! that’s great news. you guys rock!


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  8. brbrl

    Thanks for the upgrade 🙂
    I only just signed up yesterday, but I can see this move has made alot of people happy 😀


  9. almostinfamous

    ooh wow. this was an unexpected gift!!!

    thanks, guys and gals!


  10. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Thanks WordPress. Its a great news…


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  12. critcalmass

    Fantabulous Matt! The best blog-site and software ever-goes ballistic in storage space,


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  15. darkophoto

    Now we’re talking!

    Of course, as 37prime said, now I only need to find content which needs so much space 🙂 But awesome news especially for those who have paid space upgrade.

    As for uploading movies, I prefer them elsewhere (Youtube, Google video…) in case I have to move my blog to my own server.

    Many thanks to The Best CEO of the Most Likely to Suceed!


  16. Brian

    I’ve been here at WordPress for 14 months and only used 20% of the original storage. I figure this free upgrade will keep me going for at least a decade. 😀


  17. Lijin

    Great Friend…. Thanks to the whole Automattic Team 🙂


  18. kOoLiNuS

    w00t !!!!
    and there are single file dimensional limitations or not ?

    I mean, something like 10MB per file on the 1GB space of GMail ? Hope not !


  19. juharmen



  20. msmarii

    Thanks a lot! No need to put all photos on Flickr.


  21. Steven

    Thank God I chose More place to spread the world of Belgian beers … ;-))


  22. the rufus

    Oh, my god – were can I get all those images to fill up my 3 GB 😀


  23. the forester

    Holy moly! Extremely cool. Thank you!


  24. juleslife

    Wow…You continue to amaze us! Thanks folks!


  25. Hi Yo Guys

    Great Move! I just loved it. Me and my friends thought someone else did it but I love you WordPress! Great and Thank You.


  26. 2046

    Awesome, this is the greatest news!!


  27. chanux

    I got nothing t say feel like ….yet I got no words.


  28. azahar

    Wonderful! Muchisimas gracias!


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  30. radiodissident

    Thank you very much!!! You guys at are really great!!!


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  34. Hani

    VeEeEeErRrRrRyYyYyY GgGgOoOoDdDd


  35. madhubalan

    thats great news for WP. i am over the moon now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36. n.drew

    Guys, you must be crazy, but yo’ve made impossible – LIVE!!!
    Thank you!


  37. antsrule02

    Thank you!!! I used 40% of my MB now I used 0% of my GB! I use to delete old files to save upload space 😉


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  39. na

    omgomgomgomgomg. I love you guys!

    Now I can store everything here!! 😀


  40. coolsmurf

    this is really unexpected, time to ditch photobucket!


  41. Abra

    Totally awesome, thank you so much! Now give me a way to have an Amazon Associates link and I’ll be in total heaven.


  42. Manuel Reis

    So, can we upload mp3 for free?


  43. Matt Mullenweg

    Manuel Reis, you still need the space upgrade to be able to upgrade MP3s.


  44. madhubalan

    hi mr matt, i want to start a fan club for you. i don’t how to start, please me idea mr matt.


  45. צפריר

    So… Let’s say I offer a 700MB 90 minutes video I made from my space – 100 people watch it – that means ~70GB of bandwidth used – is that an OK thing?


  46. Matt Mullenweg

    צפריר, yes, bandwidth is unlimited. Right now the maximum upload is about 90mb or so, but that should go up later this week. (It should be up to a gig or so.)


  47. mimi

    cool! Thanx for thinking ahead. You guys are really great! 🙂


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  49. Andy

    This is excelent news, many thanks for that increase in capacity!

    Who says that size doesnt matter huh? rofl


  50. CristianG Rulz!!!


  51. Hawk



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  53. seejay

    Awesome stuff guys! Keep up the good work!


  54. cronies

    Woo hoo! Ty WP! 😀


  55. nicopi

    That Great! Thank you!!!


  56. adi.nugroho

    beneran nih?
    3 gigabytes?!

    gilee bener..

    terima kasih..
    matur nuwun..
    thank you..


  57. mario837

    Muchas gracias!!! From Argentina in the far south corner of the world we also plan to take full advantage of this commodity.
    As for Google, they are already very well paid by advisors popping out without big fanfare from every e-mail you send or receive. I was willing to take the same from WorldPress for some nice 3Gb.


  58. Natalia

    yeee…! Thank you!


  59. JV



  60. Chittaranjan

    Yay! Thanks WP…you Rock….. (as usual)


  61. melo15



  62. karlo mikhail

    This is wonderful! Much thanks to WordPress for making blogging easier to do. 😀


  63. Margarida C.

    I dont usually use to use my bad english to leave a comment in here, but this time I have at least to let you know how much I appreciate your efford.
    I have a blog since 2003. I left Typepad for Blogger, but then I found WordPress and I’ve been with you eversince.
    If you want to know I recommend WordPress here, in Portugal, all the time.

    So, thank you so much for the space increase to all the WordPress Team!
    You keep on giving me argumments to prefer WordPress the best.

    Best reggards from Portugal, guys!!!


    P.S – For when will you consider to allow “embed” in posts and sidebar? That´s still being point as an advantage of Blogger…


  64. The Illustrious Grimace

    Outstanding work, thanks!


  65. | Balu |

    WOW great news.. did all guys you at wordpress play stone, paper, scissors to decide who will break this news?


  66. Narayanan Aier

    Thanks! You guys are awesome!


  67. Ridzwan

    Wow, this is really lovely of you guys to be doing this! Thanks!


  68. R. Malfatti Redazione



  69. dissidentex

    From Portugal.

    Good move. Really improve things for me, since i´m hosting in image shack and the copy/pastes of “images code” are driving me crazy.
    I only upload Pictures/ or photos in jpeg format. I´ll continue doing so, at minimum size, but this really changes things in terms of planning posts and how to post .

    Great improvement.

    And here, lot´s of people will be happy it this and migrate to word press, mainly from blogger.
    Thanks again. Great news


  70. WendyUsuallyWanders

    YES! I just went through and replaced some pics with smaller ones and was disciplining myself to be conservative with my pic uploads. Imagine my surprise when after replacing a few, I was down to using 0% of the spsace! Now I understand why. Thank you 🙂


  71. mudge

    Thanks. is the absolute best!


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  75. adadagio

    Fabulous! Kudos to the team for constantly trying to make WordPress as good as it can ever be. Keep up the great job, guys! And wheeeee, I’m so happy that WordPress has won the so-called ‘geek awards’. Haha. Let’s all go on a geek-Oscar frenzy! (:


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  78. ajoy muralidhar

    Matt, you are GOD. I will add you to my pantheon :).
    Now I can add some high definition photo files right here rather than linking out to Picasa etc.



  79. liberg

    Matt that is just fantastic news,
    quite often a picture tells more than a thousand words.


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  82. Jenny

    This will make posting photos so much more convenient (I won’t have to go through flickr so much anymore). Thanks!


  83. miucos

    Very nice ! Thank you for everything !


  84. Brigitte

    OMG, yayayay! Those of us who have photos on our blogs really really appreciate this, I was at 10% after three months and was starting to worry (I link next to everything from Flickr, too).

    If you’d install the lightbox plugin I’d move my portfolio site over here, too ;3


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  86. worldlatinbusiness

    hi m, I haven’t figure this out yes yet, however what I saw so far is great. Congrats, e


  87. maztikno

    thnks…more write…more accesories..more fune…


  88. animanachronism

    This upgrade is made of win and awesome and rich fruit cake. Thankyou.


  89. van Nistelrooy

    thanks WordPress!!! So GREAT! 😀


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  91. Eng Aun

    Thanks for the upgrade! I don’t think I’d ever approach that limit, hehe, but nevertheless, it’s a wonderful news for many bloggers!


  92. Seth Fine

    You’re making my dreams come true.


  93. آناهیتا

    thank you MATT!


  94. Werner Trotter

    Brillant. Thank you.


  95. LyricalFool

    This is sooo wonderful! I’ve been stingy with pictures because I was obsessed with the idea that one day I’d run out of room.

    For the record, I tried another blogger for a second blog I wanted to keep separate, and I ended up giving up in frustration. WordPress really, really rocks, and I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m grateful to you for having such a great thing AND making it FREE!



  96. ultraistgut

    Thank you so much.
    kindest regards from
    Germany !! 8)


  97. sungypsy

    That is really generous, as someone who wants to put a lot of photos on the site the extra space is great valued. I feel you are winning most of the photogs I know over from Blogger for the ease and quality and honesty of your service.


  98. lasagnechef

    Cheers that’s going to really make a difference to my blog.


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  100. Aries

    Great! Thanks! 🙂


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