Akismet Interface

We’ve got two improvements to the Akismet interface for you guys today.

The first is on the spam screen, there are now tabs that filter by what type of spam it is, namely a comment, pingback, or trackback. This allows you to scan more quickly through pingbacks and trackbacks, especially.

New Akismet Tabs

(Remember that just because it’s linking to you doesn’t mean it’s not spam. Beware of compliments too! Always visit the URL, see if it’s mostly advertising or looks auto-generated.)

Also to help keep the size of your Akismet queue down, we’ve started to discard spam on posts older than a month, which our statistics show are overwhelmingly spam. Of course if your spam queue doesn’t get that large and you’d like to turn this option off, just check the new option under Options > Discussion:

Discard old spam

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  1. Netty

    I get lots of spam. I like Akismet a lot! 🙂


  2. darknaruto

    That it’s great, this is very useful tool, this gona make more easier separate spam from some coments are taged like spam, ¡Akismet you rock! Thanks a lot for this 😉


  3. Guineapig119

    Its alot easier! Thanks!! :mrgreen:


  4. Barbara H.

    Thank you for the option to turn off the discarding of spam on old posts. I’ve turned off comments and pingbacks to some old posts to cut down on spam, but I have a few that still get legitimate hits and comments. I do still get false positives, so I like to skim through them before deleting.


  5. Muffin

    uhh my spam counter thing is… like in the 80’s and I have only had 5 spam comments…
    … 🙂 …


  6. curves79lady

    cool new stuff as always.

    – Lo


  7. intlxpatr

    Thank God for your spam controls! There is some truly horrid stuff out there, and you make sure it never hits my viewers eyes.


  8. Red



  9. ewart1awinter08



  10. kOoLiNuS

    thanks for the explaination on the “discard” option, Matt !!


  11. freedomflyers

    Why write spam comments, if they are going to be discard, what a waste of
    your time. Has anyone told you that you only got so much time in your life,
    then its over, so don’t waste it.


  12. kayinmaine

    I love what you did here, Matt, because it’s actually brought the spam down quite a bit…even in the trackback/ping area too. Thank you for all your hard work keeping us all happy and our blogs running smoothly! 🙂


  13. dånÿïëL

    nice 🙂


  14. thegoreyears

    Yeah, I agree with وحید .

    The spamming filter alone has kept me here.


  15. karlo mikhail

    Thanks for making our blogging easier to do! 🙂


  16. Wayward Fundamentalist Christian

    Akismet is useless. I desperately want to turn off this feature, but I can’t. Akismet blocks many comments that is actually not a spam.

    Daaaaaang…. Thought I was hardcore…. You know, there’s always Blogger. 😛


  17. ianbali

    Hey bro…. Thx for sharing..


  18. Teo-Hlife

    The best spam filter !!! Thank you for your work guys.


  19. PSPNewsPT

    I really think that this is blocking most of the normal comments of my blog. I used to have new comments everyday but not anymore…


  20. કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી

    Really good feature! I just came to know that ‘pingback’ can be spam too 😛


  21. market99

    Thanks Akismet,Good Bless you


  22. twolimeleaves

    I really appreciate akismet!


  23. tamebay

    Excellent move with the spam on old posts – thank you, Akismet!


  24. secretgeek

    Matt, Akismet works great. Can we get a feature to report blog spam to the relevant ISPs? Maybe then they can start to shut down the botnets and/or dialups used for the spam.


  25. mzzk60

    Yet to check its results !
    But in general looks cool !


  26. munggur

    Blogging without worrying the spam = akismet. Many thanks, again and again.


  27. Ray

    Very good tool.

    Many thanks!


  28. acupofjoy

    Thanks! Very Helpful!


  29. hardtech77

    good toys, some people need more features..
    thanks guys


  30. gr8sounds2go

    I’m new to Word Press, but I like the Idea. Word Press seems like a good community to make connections. Thanks Bob


  31. hamas gaza

    Is ‘Always visit the URL’ sensible advice? Don’t people set up pages with malware on them and then post comments and send pingbacks coming from these pages as a way to lure people to sites that will infect their computers? I would tend to say instead: if in doubt, don’t visit the URL.


  32. xdonat

    Sounds good


  33. aqeelbilal

    Well i am using wordpress from a year. It’s all new features and enhanced functions is making it more reliable and user friendly. Moreover the CMS or interface is quite simpler and easy to use.
    Thanks to WordPress Team.


  34. suonolibero

    I think that without akismet blogs would be unmanageable! Thanks!


  35. akhnaifer

    nice tool
    I like it


  36. katie1997

    I looked at the comments Akismet had said were spam and it turned out that both of them were proper comments from nice people!!! 😦


  37. mecha50

    Good jobs guys! I’m really happy with Akismet.


  38. Brett

    Thanks for the update. It just keeps getting better. I ❤ WordPress!


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