Freedom of Speech

At, we’re committed to freedom of speech: our core mission is to democratize publishing. Our service allows anyone on the web to express their ideas and opinions, whether we agree with them or not — we don’t censor, moderate, or endorse the content of any site we host.

We believe that our openness to a diversity of viewpoints is one of the main reasons so many great blogs and sites call home. However, you may also come across the occasional blog that offends you, or that contains ideas that you disagree with. The best response to content that you find negative, offensive, malicious, or inaccurate is not to silence it, but rather to speak out. When you present your own counter-narrative, you give others a chance to see multiple aspects of complex issues and help them reach their own conclusions.

While we don’t limit the range of opinions allowed on, we’re strict about certain behaviors and remove content that violates our Terms of Service, such as spam and threats of violence. If you see such behaviors on a site, you can report them. Finally, always remember that on your own site, you can control who may or may not view your content or participate in discussions.