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  1. 25 Moments That Changed America

    At TIME, historians nominate 25 turning points that changed the nation in the twentieth century.

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  2. “I was one of the guys giving Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld notes. What the hell did I know?”

    Jeremiah Bosgang was on Seinfeld duty as a staffer at NBC from the show’s earliest days, when it was still called The Seinfeld Chronicles. Jennifer K. Armstrong interviews him about the early days.

  3. ‘The World Has Now Taken a Gigantic Step Back’

    “In calling this vote, David Cameron has opened up a true Pandora’s Box. The forces of narrow-minded nationalism have tasted a major victory; they will want more, much more.” Felix Salmon on the #Brexit results.

    Political Commentary
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  4. Clinton and Sanders and the End of the Road

    Author John Scalzi on what a historic election night means for Democrats — and Bernie Sanders — going forward.

    Political Commentary
  5. Beyoncé, Hillary, and The Good Wife: The Power of Women Scorned

    Jennifer K. Armstrong connects the dots on powerful women publicly dealing with cheating. “Their version flips the script on the trope of the pathetic doormat who suffers through her man’s infidelity silently.”

  6. Twitter, Will You Fix My Timeline?

    “I grew to despise reading my timeline.” Margarita Noriega offers a few solutions for what ails Twitter.

  7. Why Men Fight: An Empirical Investigation of the Extremes of Masculinity

    “I like being a man but not what men often represent, and isn’t the whole point to take this muscle and scruff and sculpt it into something more?” A personal essay at Quartz by Thomas Page McBee.

  8. The CEO Who’s Reinventing J.C. Penney

    In this longread at Fortune, Phil Wahba profiles Marvin Ellison, the CEO of department store J.C. Penney.

  9. Diane Ravitch’s Blog

    This “site to discuss better education for all” is the personal blog of Diane Ravitch, a historian of education and research professor of education at New York University.

  10. Taffy Brodesser-Akner

    Taffy Brodesser-Akner is an award-winning journalist who has written about everything from The Bachelor to the most haunted road in America. Her work appears in GQ, the New York Times Magazine, and beyond.

  11. Maud Newton

    Home of the essayist and author (The Awl, Harper’s, The New York Times) who’s working on a new book about the science and superstition of ancestry.

  12. Here Now

    “I’m writing this knowing my bank account is overdrawn, because I’m still waiting on four, unexpectedly late paychecks.”

  13. Ann Neumann

    Home of journalist Ann Neumann, author of the forthcoming book The Good Death:
    An Exploration of Dying in America.

  14. Musing

    Musing is the literary journal of Parnassus Books, a bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee, owned by Karen Hayes and author Ann Patchett. Musing, which showcases Ann’s blog and publishes features on authors, is managed by Mary Laura Philpott (who blogs on at I Miss You When I Blink).

  15. Writer Tim Zimmermann

    Tim Zimmermann is a Washington DC-based writer and correspondent for Outside magazine, interested in politics, history, and adventure.