Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer (WLW) by Microsoft is an application for composing and managing blog posts. You can write your posts offline and publish them later. There are many helpful tools in WLW that make creating popular posts easier:

  • WYSIWIG using the theme of your blog
  • Image manipulation
  • Spell check
  • Easy HTML tables
  • Include maps from Virtual Earth
  • Automatically syncs changes before re-editing posts

As of version Beta 2, WLW supports new WordPress XML-RPC features:

  • Creating/editing/deleting pages
  • Custom dates (including future posts)
  • Specifying a post/page slug
  • Improved category management
  • Setting post/page passwords
  • Author management
  • Custom WordPress sidebar for easy navigation to your blog, dashboard, blog surfer and stats

Don’t see a feature you want? WLW has a large list of plugins that covers video, Flickr, screen capture, source code highlighting and more. Can’t find the plugin you were hoping for? Check out the WLW Software Development Kit (SDK) for information on how to write your own. If you are having problems using WLW and WordPress, please consult the list of known issues.

If your problem isn’t addressed there, try the WLW Portal and support forum.