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Organize and share the details of your Big Day with our excellent free tools.

Beautiful, Customizable themes

To start you off, we’ve created three special wedding themes: Forever, Lovebirds, and Ever After. Personalize your theme by adding your own logo and background image. None of those three work for you? We have over 290 other attractive themes in our Theme Showcase that could be the perfect fit for your site.
Share important details

Share important details

How did you meet? Who’s in the wedding party? What do out-of-towners need to know? Create as many pages as you need to organize and share all of the important details with your guests.

RSVP and Guestbook

RSVP & Guestbook

Use our contact form feature to allow your guests to RSVP directly from your website. You can also enable our commenting feature on any page to create a guestbook for your guests to send you well-wishes.



Add our configurable Milestone widget to your site to track how many days are left. Your day will be here before you know it.


Blog about your wedding

Keep your friends and family up to date with your wedding plans. Your readers can choose to receive your latest posts in their email.


Add maps of the location

Add a Google map to any page to help your guests find their way to the wedding venue.



Prefer to limit access to your wedding site? No problem. Add a password to any page, or make the entire site private and invite only your friends and family to view it.

After the Big Day, relive the memories. Create new ones.

Your journey is just getting started. We’re with you the entire way, no matter where you go next.
Share your photos

Share your photos

We know you’ve got tons of photos to share. Upload up to 3GB of images for free, and create as many photo galleries as you like.

Share your videos

Share your videos

Embed videos from external sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, so that all of your visitors can relive the moments.

Start the next chapter

Start the next chapter…

Your wedding might be over, but that does not have to be the end of your site. Transform your site into a blog about the next chapter of your lives. Your site never expires, it grows with you.

Your site is already stellar. Make it even more stellar.

Add a premium bundle to give your site that extra personal touch.

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