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A railway website is the ultimate nexus of information about your train service. You can host everything from schedules and route announcements to ticket bookings and travel itineraries on your site in order to give travelers unprecedented access to information as they plan their journeys.

Beyond helping travelers handle the logistics of getting from one train station to the next, a WordPress.com website allows you to showcase destinations with interactive image galleries and videos. You can also familiarize travelers with your rail line’s policies, safety information, and history, giving them a chance to sample more than just the fine print on their passes or ticket stubs. Even better: social media integration with your railway website can help you run contests, gather feedback from riders, and reach out to new customers who might not have previously considered using a rail service.

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WordPress.com has Jetpack essential features built in, including site statistics, basic SEO, and social media sharing.

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Choosing a plan will remove the WordPress.com advertising from your site, allowing you to stay on-brand from start to finish.

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Whatever you create on WordPress.com is yours alone. Export your pages and posts at any time — wherever life takes you, your content follows.

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