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Build your bus station website

A bus station website gives your business the tools it needs to better serve today’s online travel customers. You can build an easily navigable online destination with in-depth information about the routes, schedules, and fares at your depot.

Using WordPress.com for your bus station website also gives you the chance to stand out from the rest of the competition by enhancing your content with a healthy dose of highlights about your city. This can include links to popular tourist attractions and nearby hotels and restaurants, but it can also expand to blog posts that explain your town’s hidden gems, the history of your station, and the role it’s played in improving the area.

Build your website today with WordPress.com and make your bus station a first-class destination for each and every passenger.

Optimized for growth

WordPress.com has Jetpack essential features built in, including site statistics, basic SEO, and social media sharing.

Mobile friendly

Create a mobile-friendly site with a click, or choose from a selection of responsive themes that look great everywhere.

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Choosing a plan will remove the WordPress.com advertising from your site, allowing you to stay on-brand from start to finish.

Built in social

Automatically send new posts to Twitter, Facebook, and more, and add social tools to help readers share their favorites.

In-depth stats

Learn more about your visitors — where they’re from, what they read, and when they visit — with rich, easy-to-understand stats.

Upload or embed media

Drag-and-drop images into posts and pages. Create designer-worthy photo galleries. Embed audio, video, documents, and more.

Your bus station business deserves a website

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