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Build your new general governing body website

Whether you run a board, council, parent-teacher association (PTA), students’ union, or other type of governing body, you need a single digital destination to help organize and distribute the important work you do. And today, it’s more important than ever that your governing body website be easy to navigate on any device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

With WordPress.com, you can create a general governing body website that’s mobile-friendly while still offering all the features you need to accomplish your online goals. Cover the basics by describing your governing body’s mission and work. Share bios and pictures of key members. Instruct constituents on who to contact for specific inquiries or requests. Upload and share documents so participants can see the latest reports, meeting notes, handbooks, presentations, financial statements, and more. Utilize features such as an online event calendar or an email subscription form to keep people informed about upcoming meetings and important events.

Your governing body deserves a website to boost its efficiency and communication. Build your general governing body website today with WordPress.com.

Plenty of storage

Embed image galleries, presentations, documents, and more. With 6 GB of storage space, you’ll be able to upload and share media with your friends, followers, and potential customers.

Hundreds of themes

Choose from hundreds of customizable WordPress themes, with new additions weekly. Upgrade your plan to try premium themes with even more features.

Mobile friendly

Create a mobile-friendly site with a click, or choose from a selection of responsive themes that look great everywhere.

Built in social

Automatically send new posts to Twitter, Facebook, and more, and add social tools to help readers share their favorites.

Upload or embed media

Drag-and-drop images into posts and pages. Create designer-worthy photo galleries. Embed audio, video, documents, and more.

Own your content

Whatever you create on WordPress.com is yours alone. Export your pages and posts at any time — wherever life takes you, your content follows.

Your governing body deserves a website

Create an attractive, mobile-friendly website to help your governing body operate efficiently while keeping your constituents informed.