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Learn why WordPress.com works best for sushi restaurants.

Build your new sushi restaurant website

A guest’s first experience with your restaurant often happens in the palm of their hand. Today’s diners rely on mobile devices to discover and explore your sushi restaurant website, reviews, and social media accounts before deciding to dine with you.

With WordPress.com, you can build a sushi restaurant website that tells potential diners where you are, what raw and cooked menu options you offer, and much more. In a matter of minutes, you can find and customize a design to reflect the atmosphere of your sushi restaurant, from a relaxed after-work sushi bar to a fine dining omakase experience, without writing a line of code. Showcase your dining room and stunning handcrafted sashimi menu with high-resolution photography or embedded videos. Integrating with social media is effortless, so visitors to your website can see the same post about your new shareable sushi boards as your social followers, and you can instantly create a vibrant photo gallery with your existing Instagram photos.

Keep your online presence as fresh as your sushi options with the tools from WordPress.com.

Hundreds of themes

Choose from hundreds of customizable WordPress themes, with new additions regularly. Upgrade your plan to customize your themes with even more features.

Mobile friendly

Create a mobile-friendly site with a click, or choose from a selection of responsive themes that look great everywhere.

Your site, your branding

Choosing a plan will remove the WordPress.com advertising from your site, allowing you to stay on-brand from start to finish.

Built in social

Automatically send new posts to Twitter, Facebook, and more, and add social tools to help readers share their favorites.

In-depth stats

Learn more about your visitors — where they’re from, what they read, and when they visit — with rich, easy-to-understand stats.

Custom domains

Add a custom domain to carve out your own space on the web, and manage it right from WordPress.com.

Your sushi restaurant deserves a website

Create your own sushi restaurant website in just a few minutes.