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Choosing an oral surgeon for a root canal, tooth extraction, or wisdom tooth removal can trigger feelings of anxiety for potential patients. Through your oral surgeon website, you can provide peace of mind by including a background on your practice’s medical team along with information about your services and accepted insurance.

Use the robust publishing tools available on WordPress.com to establish yourself as a trusted medical professional. Start with one of dozens of free WordPress.com designs and customize your oral surgeon website with pages listing practice location and hours, patient success stories, and surgical instructions. Host a blog that patients can turn to for insight on what to expect after having their wisdom teeth removed, warning signs of an infection, or tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. You can also show dramatic before and after pictures of various cosmetic surgeries by dragging and dropping images.

When individuals in your community need the specialized care of an oral surgeon, use the tools from WordPress.com to turn them into lifelong patients.

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