Getting Started: Website Building 101

Not sure where to begin? We’ll help you tackle your project one step at a time.

Our Getting Started: Website Building 101 webinar is terrific for people brand new to WordPress. The webinar focuses on the basics for beginners to get started with a new site, and all of the details covered in this webinar are accessible through our Free hosting plan.

Topics Covered

➤ Initial setup

➤ Domain options

➤ Plan options

➤ Software navigation

➤ How to use the Block Editor

➤ Working with Blocks

➤ Pages vs Posts

➤ Working with the Customizer

➤ Creating menus

➤ Changing themes

➤ Launching your site

Getting Started FAQs

How can I add a logo to my site?

You can do this from the Appearance > Customize and click on the Site Identity section. Here is a video tutorial to walk you through those steps:
Site Logo Documentation

Can I change my website address or would I have to create a new website?

You can change the included ‘’ site address from the Site Domains page by selecting My Sites > Upgrades > Domains and click on the Manage button. You can learn more about this option and limitations in our Site Address Documentation.

You are also welcome to add a new custom domain at any time or have several domains point to the same site. You can do this from the Site Domains page by clicking the “Add a domain” button.  

Once you have more than one domain setup, you can click the “Change primary domain” button to update the domain that displays in browsers. This page can guide you through the process to Register a Domain.

Is the website I’m creating automatically hosted by WordPress, or do I need to purchase a separate hosting service?

If you’re building a site on, your site is hosted by us here at and there is no need to purchase hosting through a third-party hosting provider. If you’re looking to install plugins or third-party themes, we offer that with our Business and eCommerce plans.

How do I change pictures when editing my page?

Your site will be pre-loaded with some content including images, or you may want to change an image you previously added. To change any of these images, first navigate to the editor of the page or post you want to edit. From there, click on the image you want to change and a “Replace” button appears. Click that button to select or upload a new image.

How do I add pages and make a homepage?

You can add new pages to your site from My Site > Pages > click on Add New Page. To make a page your homepage, you can follow our Set a Home Page guide here that has helpful screenshots.

Can I change my theme after I publish the site?

You are welcome to change your theme at any time. All of the content in your site will be safe and your new theme will be applied to your existing content.

Where can I get free images for my site?

We have a built-in Photo Library for you to access copyright-free images. This guide will cover how to access it.

How do I remove the blog from my site? I only want a website.

You can create a site without a blog by following this guide.

How can I add/edit my navigational menu?

You can edit your menu by navigating to Appearance > Customize and then clicking on Menus. Here is a video guide to show you in detail how to edit your menu.

Noteworthy Updates

As technology is constantly evolving, you may find there are some differences in the user interface shown in the demo recording compared to what you see in your site currently. If you have any troubles with these differences, please reach out to our support for assistance.

The Launch Site message now displays at the top of your site when previewing it.

The visual and options available on the Themes page under Appearance is now slightly different.

Links for Additional Resources

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