User Feedback Agreement

Thanks for your interest in giving us feedback about! If you’re selected for a research study, we’ll set up a call that involves audio, video, and/or screen sharing. Each study may be different. For example, we may give you access to unreleased or exclusive products or features, or observe how you interact with, or just chat with you about variety of topics, like your website and needs.

Here are the important things to note if you choose to participate:

  • Participation is voluntary and uncompensated.
  • Your interactions with the product and conversations with us may be recorded.
  • We’ll handle any personal information you share in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • If you get access to unreleased or exclusive products or features, all the details will be confidential and may not be shared with anyone, in any way.
  • You might provide comments, suggestions, ideas, or know-how in our exchanges. These will be owned by Automattic (not by you), and we may use them for any purpose (for example, to improve our product!).

By signing up to participate in any research study, you understand and agree to all of the above.