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The Future of Sense

By Deji Adesoye

Let sense means…what exactly? I wanted to say reasonability. Like when something is reasonable. But that very moment I bumped against the self challenge… what is reasonability. 416 kelime daha

Culture And Politics

the unholy trinity

{ God, Morality, Authority }


there is something somewhere out there that if you are a good kid, it will give you a carrot, 364 kelime daha


The theory (of certain schools of feminism) is, half of humanity gets more abuse and less opportunity – so they’re better. Smarter, more emotionally connected – because abuse and being hated, I guess. 3.671 kelime daha

Arrogance harms people - If you don't wake up, it's very dangerous!


San San | DKN one hour to 232 views

Western religions and beliefs often divide evil into seven categories, in order from severe to light, they include: Pride, jealousy, rage, laziness, greed, gluttony and lust. 1.605 kelime daha


You Will Not Find Me On Facebook

I have no Facebook account.

I will never have a Facebook account.

For years I’ve inveighed against what I sincerely believe to be the blatant immorality of Facebook’s business practices, which, true to capitalism’s two primary goals, seem to be: 223 kelime daha


Viggo Got Me to Listen to Camus' The Human Crisis
Read by Viggo Mortgenson,
March 28, 2016

Originally given by Albert Camus
March 28, 1946

I was struck by the strength and relevance of his message, 1.405 kelime daha

the theory of hooey, basic lesson 101

e.g. Morality is human hooey.


how many chickens did you eat?

that’s OK? you can do that? is it moral? apparently, most think yes. 535 kelime daha