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Holiday in Door County

Happy Labor Day! (Or by the time you are reading this post-Labor Day) My sister and I had the day off, which since we both work for the same family does not happen often. 217 kelime daha



The other day a co-worker asked me if I had ever made hummus. My answer was.. yes! I haven’t made homemade hummus in a while, but I have just gotten back into eating hummus on a regular basis. 173 kelime daha


Lunch? Thursday Inspiration - 9-16-2021

Jim, who is our host for Thursday Inspiration, writes: “Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word lunch, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘Already Gone’, or by going with another song by the Eagles, or anything else that you think fits… 321 kelime daha

Awesome Blogger

Sunbutter Cookie For One

I love this recipe! It is quick and easy. It has only 7 ingredients!

Why are we talking when we could be baking?

Here are the ingredients and instructions to this mouth- watering cookie! 77 kelime daha


Do you need a digital French Health Pass to visit Paris as an American?

Eiffel tower at night, a classic must-see

We made it! Our first official post from Europe.

Before coming to France and even on the flight over here I was very concerned about obtaining the French Health Pass as well as monitoring the constantly changing rules and rumors coming out about the EU removing the US from it’s “safe list”. 634 kelime daha