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CBS Backtracks On 'The Activist' After A Backlash, Including From One Of Its Hosts

When CBS announced a new show where activists would take part in competitions, critics said the format made a mockery of actual activism. Now, the show will drop the competitive element. 19 kelime daha


#Fowc #combination

some call it a recipe

others a mixture

several ingredients

coming together in a bowl

to form the perfect pudding

and it isn’t the flour , butter or eggs… 40 kelime daha


the weirdest love poem I have ever written (ft. pork scratchin's)

We’re a pork scratchin’ couple. A real pork scratchin’ couple.

Crack open that bag, man. Bust out the pork.

Snap that jaw on the turtle shell ridges of dried hog skin. 110 kelime daha


The Beginning

I stepped onto the path I am on, in all honesty, years ago. But I did not truly begin my journey until June 28th 2021. For a very long time I didn’t feel right. 786 kelime daha


Holiday in Door County

Happy Labor Day! (Or by the time you are reading this post-Labor Day) My sister and I had the day off, which since we both work for the same family does not happen often. 217 kelime daha