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Perfect for a rainy day – a hot and sour chicken mushroom soup with coconut and lemongrass. This is another recipe from Kris Yenbamroong’s Night + Market… 102 kelime daha

The Gathering

After S came to visit, the family got together for a meal.

The menu included: 92 kelime daha


Baking Bread


Baking Bread

I would knead you in the afternoon,
in the warmth of a still room,
starting high at the shoulders,
one finger sliding down your spine, 97 kelime daha


Wholesome Greens

The versatility of broccoli allows creativity in the kitchen to flow. A truly easy way to get some good veg and it doesn’t even take much time to prepare. 108 kelime daha


Want Some Food/Love?

Is food a symbol of love? Is food a substitute for love? Does our family feel loved as they enjoy the food we prepared for them? 857 kelime daha


Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown -- Seven Years of Food Posts


Last week’s post on slumgullion was popular. Perhaps your favorite activity was to post what they called it in your house. Goulash was the winner. 934 kelime daha

On Youngstown