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Follow The Leader: What Men Need To Be Effective Leaders

Do you want to be a leader?

Most men do. It’s wired into us.

Man was born to be a leader. We are designed to lead our families. 1.097 kelime daha


Home Stretch by Graham Norton

This novel of strong bonds, secrets and small-town Irish life is both sweet and horrifying, and completely absorbing.

Home Stretch by Graham Norton (Holding… 424 kelime daha

Book Reviews

The Important Role of Fathers

One of the greatest determining factors of poverty is single-parent homes; primarily fatherless homes. The need for fathers in the home has never been more apparent than it is today. 774 kelime daha

Raising Kids

The Daily: The Lull

Golly. I am bone weary, soul tuckered out, exhausted. We are just days away from a bit of a lull. It couldn’t come at a better time. 203 kelime daha


#Family Is Where We Find The Stability And #Security We All Crave

No family is perfect.

Some members can be a pain.

And some members can be our mentors.

Family is our foundation.

Family gives us friendship. 131 kelime daha


What rules your life?

Spending more time with my parents helping to take care of them has made me reflect on how they took care of me. And that in turn helps me understand, maybe, why I am a certain way. 506 kelime daha