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Writr is a minimalist, content-oriented tumblelog theme perfect for your personal blog.

Optimal Layout on Different Media Devices

Writr is responsive — from desktop to mobile, and everything in between. The design will adapt to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity.

Responsive Design

Post Formats

Writr supports all post formats. Each post format has a unique icon.

Custom Header and Gravatar

By default, Writr will display the site owner’s Gravatar in the header.

If you want to display something other than your Gravatar, you can upload a Custom Header Image in Customize → Header Image, or you can remove it completely by selecting Hide Image.

Custom Background

With Writr, you can easily apply a background color or image by going to Customize → Colors & Backgrounds. If you want your background image to cover the whole page and stay fixed, go to Customize → Theme Options and check the “Full Page Background Image” box.

Custom Background


Writr allows you to add links to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr accounts in the theme’s footer. First, connect these services to Publicize, by going to My Sites → Sharing. Once connected, navigate to the Customizer, where you’ll find a new Connect panel. Select the account(s) you want to link to, and their respective icons will be displayed:

Writr: Connect

Custom Menu

Writr has a primary custom menu area that can be set up by going to Customize → Menus. It will display three levels of menu items.

Multiple Color Schemes

Writr comes packed with six different color palettes: Turquoise (default), Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, and Red. Navigate to the Customize → Colors & Backgrounds and click on one of the six featured color palettes:


If you want to choose your own colors, Writr will work seamlessly with Custom Colors, which is part of the Custom Design upgrade.

Content Area Width Options

Are you finding Writr‘s content area too narrow? Go to the Customizer and tick the “Wider Content Area” checkbox.

Wider content area

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 460 unless you have selected the “Wider Content Area” theme option, where it is 720
  2. The sidebar width is 220.

This theme is available for download to be used on your WordPress self-hosted installation.

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