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Veeva: Homepage

Meet Veeva, a colorful theme for personal bloggers. The theme’s features include a wide one-column layout, your own custom header image, and much more.

Responsive Design

Veeva is responsive, from desktop to mobile, and everything in between. The theme adapts to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity.

Veeva: Responsive design

Post Formats

Veeva supports multiple Post Formats, including Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Gallery. Each Post Format has a special style to distinguish it from the rest.

Veeva: Post format

Featured Images

Want to highlight your visual content? Consider adding a Featured Image to your posts when using the Standard post format. Featured Images appear above the title on the blog index and archive pages. For an optimal result, provide an image at least 960px wide and 500px high.

Veeva: Featured image example

Custom menus

Primary Menu

Veeva allows you to have a custom menu in its header, which you can set up in Customize → Menus. Don’t forget to select your new menu as the “Primary Menu”; if that option isn’t selected, Veeva will not display your menu.

Social Menu

Veeva: Social menu example
Veeva also allows you to display icons for your social media profiles, like Twitter and Facebook.

To automatically apply icons to your links, simply create a new custom menu. Next, add each of your social links to this menu. Each menu item should be added as a custom link.

Once your menu is created and your social links are added, select “Social Menu” in the Menu Settings; if the option isn’t selected, Veeva will not display the menu in its footer.

Custom Header Image and Background

Veeva lets you choose a custom header image. Simply go to Customize → Header Image and set your new header. The image will be cropped for small screens (not scaled down) to fit the available area fixed for height and width. This means that abstract and decorative header images work best with this theme.

You can easily apply a background color or image by going to Customize → Colors & Backgrounds.

Veeva: Custom header and, background

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 760.
  2. A widget in the footer is 300.
  3. Featured Images for posts are 960 wide by 500 high.
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