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Adding Featured Images to your posts

Want to highlight your content visually? Consider adding a Featured Image to your posts!

Open the editor of the post or page where you want to display a unique custom header image, and locate the Featured Image option. Click Set Featured Image.

You will see an uploading screen identical to that used when inserting an image into a blog post. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose the image from your computer and upload it or choose it from one of the images already in your Media Library.

After selecting a Featured Image click the blue Set Featured Image button.

Don’t forget to click Update or Publish on your post/page to save your changes. Your featured image is now set!

How to add a Featured Image Slider

  1. Navigate to Customize → Featured Content
  2. Enter the name of a tag
  3. Click the “Save & Publish” button at the top

Next, if a post you want included in the slider has a featured image, give this post the tag you just added in your “Featured Content” settings. For best results, ensure your image is at least 660px wide.

Vagabond slider

Upload your own logo

Make your theme unique by uploading your own logo! To upload a logo, visit the Customizer and click on “Theme Options”. From there, you can upload a logo. Be sure to save your settings.

Custom Header and Custom Background

Personalize your theme even further by uploading your own Custom Header. Vagabond works best with custom header images that are 920 pixels wide and at least 380 pixels high. You can also easily change the background color or image.


If you take a look at the Vagabonds demo site, you’ll see icons in the top right of the main menu linking to profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Flickr. To set this up for your own site, visit the Customizer and click on “Theme Options”. Enter the links in the boxes provided, and click “Save”.

Vagabond social icons