Tortugaby ThemeZee

Getting Started

After activating Tortuga, navigate to the Customizer to set up and personalize the theme according to your needs. You can easily add your Site Logo, Header Image, and Background there.


Featured Content Slider

Tortuga supports Featured Content, which allows you to highlight your most important posts in a beautiful slider. The slider appears at the top of the blog.

To set up the Featured Content slider:

  1. Go to Customizer → Featured Content.
  2. Enter the name of a tag (e.g. featured).
  3. Click the blue Save & Publish button at the top.
  4. Create a post with a Featured Image.
  5. Assign the post the tag you’ve chosen under Customizer → Featured Content.


Featured Images

Tortuga shows Featured Images on archive pages, single posts, and the post slider. Don’t forget to assign a featured image to each post to ensure your site looks flawless.


Custom Menus

You can assign Custom Menus to four available locations:


Tortuga supports a Social Links Menu displayed in the header. Add a custom link with the URL to your social media profile (e.g. and the corresponding icon will appear.


You can add extra content to your site using Widgets. Tortuga supports two widget areas:

  • Sidebar widget area
  • Footer widget area

By default Tortuga displays posts in a three-column grid on the blog and archive pages. Once you add widgets to the sidebar, posts are displayed in a two-column grid, with a third column for widgets.


Sidebar Location

You can change the position of the sidebar widget area from the default right to the left side, under Customize → Theme Options.


Need Further Help?

Please do not hesitate to ask a question on the forum if you need any extra help setting up Tortuga.