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Creating “Large Thumbnail” Posts

The large thumbnail featured posts on the top of the homepage are “sticky posts.” When you make a post “sticky,” it gets displayed on the top of the homepage in an increased size. This is a great way to feature your favorite articles. To make a post a sticky post, click Posts > All Posts link within your WordPress Dashboard and locate the post that you would like to feature. Click the “Quick Edit” button for your desired post and check the “Make this post sticky” box and then click “Update.”

Customizing Theme Colors

The background and site title colors can be customized using the Theme Customizer. To access the customizer, click the Appearances > Customize link in your WordPress Dashboard. Click the “Colors” tab and then click the section you would like to edit to change its color.

Adding Widgets To Sidebars

TheStyle comes with three different widget-ready areas. To add widgets to these areas, click the Appearances > Widgets link in your WordPress Dashboard. You can then drag widgets into any of the three sections on the right side of the page.

Main Sidebar – The main sidebar is displayed on your homepage and category pages. This section is left empty in the demo to allow for a full width display of posts, but you can also fill it with widgets if you want to.

Single Post/Page Sidebar – This sidebar is used for all posts/pages, but is not displayed on the homepage or index pages.

Footer – The footer widgets are displayed on the bottom of every part of your website.

Adding Thumbnails Images To Posts

Images can be added to your posts using the “Featured Image” function. These images are used as the thumbnail image on your homepage and category pages. To add a featured image to your post, click the “Set featured image” link located within the “Featured Image” box when writing/editing your post. Upload a new image, or selected one from your media gallery and click the “Set Featured Image” button to set the image as your featured image.

Changing Your Website’s Title

The title shown at the top of all pages is the title of your WordPress website. This can be adjusted via the Settings > General tab in your WordPress Dashboard.