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Swell is a beautiful WordPress theme that uses motion to help tell your story. It features a versatile home page template with two areas to insert big, beautiful video backgrounds.

Background Video or Image

The home page template comes with two areas to display background videos. It supports Vimeo and YouTube. If you don’t want to use videos, you can opt to show images instead. (For YouTube videos you need to use the full URL not the share shortlink.)

Responsive Layout

Swell is responsive, meaning the layout adjusts to any screen size, making sure your content always looks great no matter the device.

Animated Portfolio Filtering


Swell has built-in support for Portfolios. Creating and managing your projects has never been easier. The portfolio page template displays your projects by category with smooth animation effects.



Swell makes it easy for you to show the world what your customers have to say. Display testimonials in a home page slider or in the form of a widget in the footer or sidebar.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 800.
  2. The sidebar width is 800. Sidebar appears below content.
  3. The footer widget area widths are 400.
  4. Featured Images are 800 wide by 450 height on post archive pages, and 413 by 232 for projects.
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