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Designed with hotels, inns, and bed & breakfasts in mind, Stay is the perfect theme for property owners. Take advantage of its Room and Testimonial post types, home page template, large imagery, minimal layout, and responsive design to show off your property to your guests.

To replicate the look of the site demo, you will need published pages that will be used for the front page, posts page, and slider.

Home Page Template

The site demo is using a static front page with the Home Template, so if you would like to copy the look of the site demo, follow these steps:

  1. Publish two pages and give them titles that are easy to remember, like Home and Blog. To publish a page, navigate to My Site → Pages → Add Page.
  2. Set the Home Template on the Home page.
    1. Go to the editor of your Home page.
    2. In the left sidebar, open the Page Options panel.
    3. Select “Home” in the Templates dropdown menu.
    4. Save/Update your changes.

    Stay Page Templates dropdown

  3. Go to your Customizer (My Site Customize next to Themes).
  4. Click on the Static Front Page panel.
  5. Select “A static page” and choose the two pages you published in Step #1 as your Front page and Posts page.
    static front page
  6. Click Save & Publish.


  1. Publish three pages (My Site → Pages → Add). The site demo is using three pages titled About, Rooms, and Amenities.
  2. Set Featured Images for all of the pages you would like to appear in the Slider. To do this, navigate to the editor for each page, go to the Featured Image panel on the left of the editor, and add a Featured Image for the page. Featured Images need to be at least 960px wide to appear in the slider.
  3. Click Update to save changes.
  4. Navigate to the Home Slider panel of your Customizer. Select up to 6 pages with attached Featured Images of at least 960 px in width.
  5. Click Save & Publish.

Customize Slider

NOTE: If you previously had a header image on your site’s home page, remove the header image: featured images and header images will interfere with the Slider. To remove the header image, navigate to Customize → Header Image and click Hide Header Image.

Content on the home page will be full-width, between the Slider and Home Widget areas.

Widget Areas

Stay has eight widget areas that are visible depending on if you are viewing the front page, posts, or pages:

A header widget area, always visible at the top of the site.
(The site demo is using the Reservations Widget.)

Three optional widget areas on the home page template, which are only visible on the front page.
(The site demo is using the Text widget, Recent Posts widget, and Contact Info widget.)


Primary and (optional) Secondary Sidebar, only visible on pages:

Sidebar widget areas

Blog primary and (optional) Secondary Sidebar, only visible on the posts page, post archives, and individual posts:

Blog Sidebar widget areas

On pages, the primary widget area is to the left of the content while the secondary widget area is to the right. On posts, both widget areas are to the right of the content.

Widget areas can be setup in Customize → Widgets.

Stay comes with the Reservations Widget, which can be used to add a reservation inquiry form to widget areas.  You can enter the email address that will receive the reservation requests as well as the email subject line.  A confirmation email will not be sent to the person making the reservation.

Reservations widget

Custom Menus

Menu Locations

Stay has a single, primary custom menu area below the header, and an optional secondary menu that appears beside the header widget area. Custom Menus can be set up by going to your dashboard, then Menus. Note that the secondary menu only supports one level (no submenus).

Rooms and Testimonials

Note: Some of these settings are in the WP Admin dashboard, which will look a little different from the rest of your menus. You can leave WP Admin at any time by clicking on My Site.

Add rooms and testimonials to your site from the site dashboard.

Stay testimonials

Set a rate for your guests, tag your room with its Amenities, and add a featured image.

  1. Publish a page and assign it the Rooms Template.  This page will display a listing of all of your rooms.
  2. Create a page for each room by going to your site dashboard → Rooms → Add a Room.
  3. Add the room cost and its amenities in their respective modules to the right of the editor.
  4. Update the page with your changes.

Rooms editor

Populate testimonials and display them by giving a page the Testimonials Template.  If you already have Testimonials enabled in your Writing settings, you will see two Testimonials tabs.  You can remove the extra Testimonials tab by following the instructions here to find the Writing settings, then uncheck the Testimonials option.

Please note that any testimonials created will only appear on the page with the Testimonials Template, and not at

Stay Testimonials

Social Links

stay-social_linksTo show the social network links in the footer of your site, define the network links in the Customizer under Social Links.

Custom Header and Background

Stay features a Custom Header that can be set under Customize → Header Image.  Having a header image will interfere with the slider on the front page, so if you would like to use a slider on your site, do not upload a header image.

The background can also be customized under Customize → Colors & Backgrounds.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 920 with one active sidebar and 610 with two.
  2. The primary and secondary sidebars on posts and pages are 250 wide.
  3. The Full Width page template is 1200 wide.
  4. The featured page slider image size is at least 960 wide.
  5. Individual post featured image is at least 920 wide.

This theme is available for download to be used on your WordPress self-hosted installation.

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