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Custom Header


Rainier supports a custom header, which you can upload under Customize → Header Image. While you can crop images to your liking after clicking Add new image, Rainier works best with a header size of 1100 × 450 pixels.


Your theme supports two menus: Header Navigation and Footer Social Icons. Go to Customize → Menus to create a menu and select which menu appears in each location.


Add widgets to the footer area. Go to Customize → Widgets to add your desired widgets to the footer widget area.

Theme Options

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.38.07 PM

Head to Customize → Theme Options to choose whether to show or hide various elements across your site.

Show Title

Check this box to display the site title in the header.

Show Tagline

Check this box to display the tagline in the header.

Show Search

Check this box to display the search box in the header.

Show Post Author

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Checking this option displays an author bio and photo at the end of each single blog post, with the author’s name linking to an archive of their posts. This is especially useful for blogs with multiple authors. Each user should have a Gravatar connected to their account’s email address and fill out their name and bio in their user profile settings.

Show Post Pingbacks & Trackbacks

Check this option to show pingbacks and trackbacks on your posts. This does not disable Pings on your blog, it just hides them.

Show Link & Quote Titles on Blog Index

Check this option to show post titles for Quote and Link post types. By doing this you can set a post title, but prevent it from displaying it on the blog page.

Show Categories on Blog Index

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Check this option to let your visitors explore similar posts by clicking on one of the categories listed below.

Post Formats

Rainier makes use of post formats, supporting Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Gallery formats, in addition to Standard format. You can select your desired post format from the Post Format section while adding or editing a post.

Image, Video, and Gallery Highlights

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.36.40 PM

Image, Video, or Gallery formats will take first image or video and display it above the post content, allowing it to expand beyond the maximum content width. Image posts will expand photos to their maximum natural width when possible, and Video and Gallery posts will expand to a maximum width of 1100 pixels.

Quote and Link Highlights

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.35.11 PM

Quote and Link formats will apply unique styling to the first quote or link in the post.