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Setting Up Your Front Page

This screenshot shows how the demo‘s front page is set up:


Featured Content


Using the Featured Content area, you can highlight five of your best posts and pages in a slider. Featured Content works by tagging the posts you’d like to highlight with a designated tag.


To get started, visit Customize → Featured Content.

  • Tag Name: Select the tag you’d like to feature in the slider. Start typing to search for an existing tag or create a new tag. Once you’ve selected a tag with associated posts, the slider will appear on your homepage.
  • Hide tag from displaying in post meta and tag clouds: This option can be checked to ensure that the tag selected for Featured Content doesn’t show up in that post’s list of tags or the Tag Cloud Widget. Your tag’s archive will continue to be displayed as usual.
  • Display tag content in all listings: This option can be checked to ensure that the Featured Content tag will display in all pages and archives.

Show Featured Content on all pages

If you want to show the Featured Content at the top of all pages:

  • Go to Customize → Theme Options → Layout Settings.
  • Check the Show Featured Content slider on all pages checkbox.
  • Click Save & Publish.

Menu Location


Radiate includes one custom menu location: Primary Menu. Go to Customize → Menus to set this up.

Widget Areas


Radiate includes four widget areas: Sidebar, Footer Sidebar One, Footer Sidebar Two, and Footer Sidebar Three. Go to Customize → Widgets to set these widget areas.

Featured Pages Section



Radiate highlights up to three of your pages on the homepage. To set up this section:

  • Make sure you have some pages published.
  • Go to Customize → Theme Options → Featured Pages Section.
  • Select the pages you’d like to feature from the available drop-down menus.
  • Click Save & Publish.

Setting up Manual Excerpts

If you want to control the description text and length for items in the Featured Content and Featured Pages Section, then you can craft an Excerpt for both posts and pages:

  • In the dashboard, go to the post that you have selected for the Featured Content slider or to the page that you have selected for the Featured Pages Section.
  • Add your summary to the Excerpt field.
  • Update or Publish the post.

Setting Featured Images

Radiate relies on Featured Images for posts, Featured Content, and the Front Page Featured Section. Read more about adding Featured Images.

Layout Settings


Radiate supports four layouts:

  1. Right Sidebar
  2. Left Sidebar
  3. No Sidebar, Content Full Width
  4. No Sidebar, Content Centered

To select the layout:

  • Go to Customize → Theme Options → Layout Settings.
  • Choose the layout option you want.
  • Click Save & Publish.

Site Logo

Your Site Logo appears next to the site title and tagline in the header and can be added via the Customizer‘s Site Identity panel.