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Qua WordPress theme

Qua is a flexible, minimalist theme that can be used as a portfolio, blog, or magazine website. Some of its unique features include a versatile homepage template, customizable portfolio layouts, and optional featured-content slider.

Versatile Homepage Template

Qua includes a custom Homepage Template that can showcase an introductory message, a Featured Content slideshow, Portfolio projects, and/or recent posts. Show them all or just show one: it’s totally up to you. Here are some of the possible layouts that you can achieve on your homepage:

Portfolio Customization

Qua allows you to customize how your Portfolio projects are displayed, so visitors see them with the optimum image size and layout. You can change the number of columns, as well as the size of the images. Here are just some of the possible combinations:

Featured Content Slider

Showcase your most important posts in a Featured Content slider at the top of your Homepage template and archive pages.

Featured Content slideshow

Understated Design

It’s the little things that make Qua stand out: from columnized excerpts to consistent white space, these details combine to make Qua feel organized and visually distinct.


Mobile-Ready Design

Qua’s responsive design adapts smoothly to different screen sizes, so your content will look beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large desktop screens.


More Theme Features

Social Links Menu

Qua includes support for a Social Icon menu in the footer of your website. Display links to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles (and many more). You can also include these Social Icons as a custom menu in the Sidebar widget area, if you’re feeling like a real socialite.


Qua supports three Widget locations: Sidebar, Footer, and a special Call To Action space.

Want to broadcast a message or direct visitors to a custom link on your website? Use the Call To Action widget area and add a Text Widget containing your message.


Customizing Qua Further

You’ll find all Qua customization options including the Site Logo, Custom Backgrounds, Menus, Widgets and Theme Options in the Customizer. Additional options like Custom CSS, font changes, and more custom colors are available with Custom Design.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. Post width is 790.
  2. Sidebar width is 280.
  3. Featured post images are cropped to 3×1 proportion with a minimum recommended width of 1200.
  4. Featured Content (slider) images should 4×3 proportion with a minimum width of 1200.
  5. Square featured portfolio images are 1×1 proportion cropped to 600 by 600.
  6. Landscape featured portfolio images are 4×3 proportion cropped to 800 wide by 600 tall.
  7. Portrait featured portfolio images are 3×4 proportion cropped to 600 wide by 800 tall.
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