Polyby Automattic

Featured Images

Poly with Featured Image set

Poly supports featured images on pages and blog posts using the “standard” post format.


To set a featured image, look for the Featured Image tab in the settings to the left of the WordPress.com text editor, and follow the steps there to upload and set your image.

Full-width Page Template

Poly: Full width template

In addition to a default page template with sidebar for your widgets,  Poly also comes with a full-width page template to put the focus on your content, with no sidebar to help remove distractions and give you extra space to present your ideas.

Custom Menu

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.46.08 PM

You can configure a Custom Menu that will display in the header of your site by going to My Site → Menus to create your custom menu, and assign it to the primary menu area.

Custom Header Image

Poly with custom header set

Launch the Customizer and click on the Header Image tab on the left to set a custom header for your site.

Note: Poly works best with custom header images that are 940 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.

Theme Options

Poly theme options

Poly comes packed with multiple theme options available by launching the Customizer and clicking on the Theme Options tab.

  • Full-page background image: allow your background image to cover the whole page and stay fixed.
  • Search form: display a search form in the theme’s header.
  • Post author: display the author’s name underneath each post.
  • Sidebar position: you can choose to display the sidebar either on the left or on right (default).