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Getting Started With Pocket

Get started with Pocket by visiting the Theme Options section of the Customizer. Here, you can change appearance settings, upload a logo, add widgets, and more.

  • To access the Customizer, go to Appearance → Customize in the WordPress dashboard menu.
  • Visit the Theme Options menu.
  • Logo Upload: Upload your own logo to use in place of your site’s text title. The recommended size for logo uploads is 300px x 150px, but this can vary based on your logo.
  • Grayscale Featured Image Effect: If enabled, this will display your Featured Images in black and white by default, and show the color version when you  hover over them.
  • When you’re finished making changes, click Save & Publish to save the settings. Check out your site to confirm the changes.

Widgets & Footer Social Links Menu

Pocket comes with a footer widget area. You can add widgets to your site’s footer by going to either Appearance → Widgets or Appearance → Customizer. In the Customizer, you can see a live preview of your selected widgets.

Footer Social Links Menu

Pocket also has a footer menu option, which you can use for social icons.

  • To add a footer menu, go to Appearance → Menus.
  • On the left side of the Menu page, click the Links menu item to add to your social links.
  • Add the URL for each of your social profiles and a label for the link. Pocket will detect which site you are linking to and display a matching graphic. Icons are supported for the following sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dribbble.
  • Once the menu created, you can assign it to the Footer in the Theme Locations section.
  • Save the menu when finished.

Creating Media Posts

Pocket makes it easy to share your images and videos. Follow the instructions below to add a variety of media posts.

Featured Image Posts

  • Create a new post and add a title and description.
  • Write your content and add whatever formatting you want.
  • On the right side of your page, you’ll see the Featured Image section. Click Set Featured Image and upload your image. Once uploaded, scroll down and click Use as featured image.
  • Once you’ve added the Featured Image and your post content you can publish and preview your post.

Quote Post

  • Create a new post and add a title and description.
  • To add the large quote, simply write or paste the quote in the editor window. The text will auto-format to large block letters with a dark background.
  • To add a citation name for the quote, write the name below your quote. Using the editor’s Text view, add a <cite> tag around your citation in the Text editor. Example: <cite>George Harrison</cite>
  • On the right side of your page, you’ll see the Format window. Click Quote to set the post as a quote format.
  • Once you’ve added your quote and selected the Quote format you can publish and preview your post.

Post Styles

Pocket comes with a few custom element styles, which are used to easily add extra styling to your WordPress posts.

Intro Title

Add a nice block of styled intro text to introduce your post or page. To use the intro title you can add a class of intro to your text in the Text tab. See an example below.

<span class="intro">This text will be intro text.</span>

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are similar to block quotes, but are reserved for less text. See Pocket’s Style Guide to see our suggested usage.

To use pull quotes you can add a class of pull-left or pull-right to your content. See an example below.

<span class="pull-right">This text will be pulled right.</span>

Text Highlight

Text highlight simply adds a yellow background to your text, useful for in-paragraph emphasis. To use the highlight style, you can add a class of highlight to your content. See an example below.

<span class="highlight">This text will be highlighted.</span>