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Perle - Docs annotated features

Using the Featured Content option, you can display your best four posts on the blog page along with your latest three portfolio items. You can also add optional sidebar and footer widgets as well as Portfolio and Blog section titles.

Below are steps on how to set up the theme’s different features.

Perle allows you to highlight up to four Featured Content. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to Appearance Customize.
  2. From the Featured Content section, set a tag name for your Featured posts.
  3. Then hit Save & Publish.Perle Theme Docs - Featured post 1Perle Theme Docs - Featured post 2
  4. Add the featured content tag to the posts you wish to highlight.

And you’re done!

Portfolio Section & Section Title

Perle lets you showcase your three latest Portfolio items directly on the blog. Simply create your post and they’ll display on your blog page.

Perle - Portfolio

If you’d rather not show them, you can easily hide this from the theme’s Customizer.

You can also set a title for the Portfolio and Blog Section.

Perle - Theme Options

Perle lets you customize your site even further by letting you upload your very own Site Logo from the Customizer’s Site Identity panel.

Perle Theme - Site Logo

Social Media Menu

Set up is as simple as creating a Social Links Menu. Find out how to do that here.

Simply add your social media link (ex: as a custom link to your menu and the icon will appear.

Perle - Social Media Menu

Perle has 21 different social media icons for you to choose from. They include:

  • Behance
  • Bitbucket
  • Contact page
  • Dribbble
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Github
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Stumbleupon
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Vimeo
  • Vine
  • WordPress
  • YouTube



With Perle adding a sidebar to your main post or archive page is as simple as adding a widget in the Customizer‘s Widgets panel. The layout will automatically adjust from a three-column grid layout to a two-column grid layout with sidebar.

Perle Docs - Sidebar

And the result will be:
Perle Docs - Sidebar

Footer Widgets

With Perle, you can add widgets to your site’s footer. Simply drop your widgets in and the layout will automatically get set to a three-column layout.

Perle Docs - Footer Widgets

Image Animation

From the HTML Editor, simply add an “animate” class to your <img alt="" /> tag. Here’s what that will look like:

<img class="animate size-full wp-image-83" alt="" />

And the result will be:

Perle - Animated Images

Drop Caps

From the HTML Editor, wrap your first paragraph with a <p> tag and add class="drop-cap" to it. The first letter will automatically get transformed into a drop cap.

Here’s a visual example:

<p class="drop-cap">Your awesome paragraph</p>

And the result will be:

Perle - Drop Caps

Sub Headings

From the HTML Editor, wrap your first paragraph with the <p> tag and add “sub-heading” class to it. Here’s what it’ll look like:

<p class="sub-heading">Your awesome introduction paragraph</p>

And the result:

Perle - Sub-Heading


Overhanging Images

Also from the HTML Editor, simply add an “extra-wide-image” class to your <img alt="" /> tag. Here’s what that will look like:

<img class="extra-wide-image size-full wp-image-83" alt="" />

And the result will be:

Perle - Overhanging Image


If you’re having trouble with anything, you can also ask a question on Perle‘s support forum.