Paulieby SiloCreativo

Getting Started

After you activate Paulie, head over to the Customizer to start customizing your site. You’ll find options to customize the menu, header, background, and widgets. You can see changes right away in the live preview, so it’s easy and fun to play with your settings. The changes won’t be applied until you click Save & Publish.

Custom Menus

You can set up custom menus for the Primary Menu in the header, and a Social Links Menu in the footer.

Primary Menu

You can create a custom menu and add links, pages, categories, tags, or posts, and assign the menu to the Primary Menu.

Social Links Menu

Paulie also has a footer menu option, which you can use for social icons.

  • To add a footer menu, go to your dashboard’s Menus tab.
  • On the left side of the Menu page, click the Custom Links menu item to add to your social links.
  • Add the URL for each of your social profiles and Link Text to label the link. Paulie will detect which site you are linking to and display a matching icon. Icons are available for the following services: Bitbucket, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, GitHub, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Xing, and YouTube.
  • Once you’ve created the menu, you can assign it to the Social Links Menu in the Theme Locations section.
  • When the menu is ready to go, click Save Menu.

Custom Header Image

To change the Custom Header, go to the Customizer‘s Header Image panel and pick an image from your Media Library, or upload something new. You can also choose between two header widths: full width, which will span the whole width of the browser window, or boxed width, which will match the width the content area. This image will be cropped for small viewports (not scaled down) to fit the available area fixed for height and width. This means header images that work best with Paulie theme are abstract or decorative background images.


Custom Background

You can customize your site’s background via the Customizer‘s Colors & Backgrounds panel. Either choose a background color, or upload your own background image. The recommended background is a lighter color or image, so that the darker text will be readable.

Widgets Areas

You can edit widgets in the Customizer‘s Widgets panel. Paulie offers four widgets areas: the Main Widget Area, which appears in the right sidebar, and three optional Footer Widget Areas. If you don’t add any widgets to the sidebar area, the sidebar won’t be displayed.



Full-Width Template

The Full-Width Template does not have a sidebar, so your content stretches across the full width of the page. It’s perfect for showcasing videos or images.

To set up a Full-Width Template, you must first create a new page. Select “Full-Width Page” as the Template under the Page Settings section, and click Publish.