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Typography matters.

Typekit® fonts built right in.

Your stories deserve the best in design, aesthetics, and typography. That’s why we partnered with Typekit to bring you Oxford, the first ever WordPress theme to include a Typekit font right out of the box. No Typekit account required. Oxford features Soleil for the main body copy and Futura PT for the headlines. It’s the perfect contemporary font combination for your magazine or blog.

Please note: Oxford comes with one year of Custom Design included in the cost. The Custom Design upgrade gives you access to the special Typekit fonts, as well as color options and the ability to modify the theme’s CSS.

While Oxford itself is a one-time purchase, Custom Design is a yearly upgrade that must be renewed after the first year, as part of the Premium or Business plan. If you choose not to renew after the first year, the theme will no longer be displayed with Soleil and Futura PT.


Make it your own.

Add some custom styling.

Personalizing your new website should be fun. We’ve leveraged the built-in Customizer, so adding your own custom logo and social links is easy. We’ve also included an extra option for setting the background color on individual posts or pages. This is a great way to add a splash of relevant color to one of your stories.


Quality construction.

Rock solid responsive layouts.

Oxford leverages the latest in web design technology to ensure your new site looks polished and professional across desktop screens, tablets, and phones. CSS3 columns and Masonry.js work together to form a solid foundation for the responsive layout. We’ve also performance tested and optimized the CSS and the JavaScripts, ensuring they load quickly and efficiently for your visitors.


Adapts to your content.

Switch themes. Get back to work.

Oxford brings a new adaptive approach that keeps your site looking professional with your existing content. No images, no problem. Lots of images, we’ve got you covered. The homepage template can display custom content, a featured post, or the most recent post. Individual blog posts and archive pages automatically adapt to the length and style of your content.

Help and additional information

If you need help with Oxford be sure to read through the Oxford documentation by clicking the Support button at the top of the sidebar on this page. You can also ask us questions in the WordPress.com Oxford support forum.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  • Featured images should have a minimum width of 900.
  • For two featured images, the minimum width for each is 450.
  • The main column maximum width is 900.
  • All images and video will scale to fit the viewing screen.
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