Optiby Pro Theme Design

Custom Header

Opti makes use of WordPress custom header functionality.

Custom Menus

Opti has two custom menu areas available. If there is no custom menu configured then the menu will display a list of your site’s pages.

By default the menu under the header lists your website categories listed by number of posts in the category – however you can change this using the WordPress custom menu functionality. To keep things looking nice the menus are restricted to 7 items by default.

To find out more about how to set up your menus, see the Custom Menu documentation.

Featured Images

Opti supports thumbnail images on blog posts. These are known as Featured Images. To use featured images, edit the post you want to add the featured image to — and then find the box labelled ‘Featured Image’. Click the link titled ‘Set featured image’ and then either select the image or upload a new one using the options provided. Once selected, press ‘Set featured image’. Then click the ‘update’ button to save changes to your post.

On the homepage and archive pages the Opti featured images are scaled to 105 x 85.

Featured Content

Opti uses the WordPress integrated featured content. This involves choosing a post tag that signifies that your posts are special. When this tag is used the posts will be displayed at the top of the homepage – separate to the regular blog posts. You can set the featured tag in “Appearance → Customize → Featured Content”.

To setup the Featured Content do the following:

  1. Go to the following menu. Appearance → Customize → Featured Content.
  2. Enter a tag name for the featured posts – make sure it’s unique and isn’t used anywhere else
  3. Edit the posts that you want to display in the featured content space and give them the featured tag you have just selected.