On Demandby Press75

This is a work in progress, but should be helpful when getting started with the On Demand theme.

How do I set up the Home Page Featured Carousel?

  1. Within your admin, click Settings → Reading.
  2. For Front page displays select Your latest posts. Then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
  3. Make sure you have published several posts in the same category.
  4. Go to Appearance → Theme Options. In the Home – Featured Carousel section, choose that category with the published posts.
  5. You can limit the number of posts shown in the slider by the Carousel Count. (In the example below, Featured only has 4 posts so far, but eventually the carousel will show at most 6, if more posts are published in the category “Featured”.)
  6. Click the Save Changes button in the Home – Featured Carousel section.

How do I set up the Featured Categories?

  1. Within your admin, click Appearance → Theme Options.
  2. In the Home – Featured Carousel section, select up to 8 categories you wish to use for the featured categories displayed below the carousel.
  3. Click the Save Changes button in the Home – Featured Carousel section.

How do I create video posts with thumbnail images?

  1. Within your  admin, go to Posts → Add New.
  2. Create a title for your post, add your post content within the post editor.
  3. If you are using Vimeo or Youtube videos, simply paste the URL to the video you wish to embed within the post editor field (e.g. “http://www.vimeo.com/12345678”).
  4. For any other video type, paste the full embed code within the post editor.
  5. Within the right-hand sidebar, find the Featured Image box and click Set Featured Image.
  6. After the pop-up dialog box loads, you have an option to select any image on your computer or an existing image within your WordPress Media Library.
  7. Choose your image and then click Use as Featured Image within the pop-up dialog box.

Note: This same method (steps 5-7) can be used to add non-video posts to the carousel and have them display a featured image.