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On a Whim

On a Whim is a bold and colorful blogging theme, with a touch of whimsy. It’s your perfect partner for chronicling your thoughts, flights of fantasy, adventures, and escapades.

Widget Areas

On a Whim includes one primary sidebar. Add your favorite widgets by going to Customize → Widgets. If you add multiple widgets, every other widget will appear inside a cool box with a little heart icon above it.

Special Widget Styling
Special Widget Styling

Custom Menus

On a Whim features two Custom Menu areas — a primary menu in the header, and an optional secondary menu in the footer. Create and add menus by going to Customize Menus.

Post Formats

On a Whim supports the following Post Formats: Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Gallery.

Social Icons

From the Customizer, you can add optional links to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. These links will appear as icons in two places: to the right of the main menu in the header, and in the left column of the footer area (below the footer menu if you have a footer menu active).

Social Icons in the header main menu area
Social Icons in the header main menu area
Social Media icons in the footer area
Social Media icons in the footer area

Custom Header and Custom Background

Custom Header ImageOn a Whim supports a small, 80-pixel wide custom header image that appears in the right column, above the sidebar. Smaller images really work best —it’s meant to serve as a logo, or identifying mark.

If you don’t add a Custom Header Image, On a Whim will display the site owner’s Gravatar by default.

Upload a Custom Header image under Customize → Header, and set a Custom Background Color or Image by going to Customize → Background.


Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column has a maximum width of 602.
  2. The right sidebar width is 216.
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