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Nowell - Showcase

Nowell has everything you need to create a classic small-business website.

Static Front Page

Nowell - Homepage Widgets

Setting your Front Page to use a static page in the Customizer creates a three-column widget area on the homepage, perfect for displaying hours, location info, recent news, and more.

Featured Content Slider

Nowell - Featured Content Slider

Special content deserves to stand out. Add a “featured” tag to any post or page – or set your own custom tag in the Customizer – to display it in a simple Featured Content slider on the home page.

Featured Images

Nowell - Featured Images

Large Featured Images help you brand your posts and pages to make them unique.


Nowell - Responsive

Nowell is fully responsive, allowing visitors to easily access your site on any device, from mobile to desktop.

Nowell includes the following features:

Quick Specs (all width measurements in pixels)

  1. The featured header image has a max size of 885x500
  2. The main content width for full width pages is 805
  3. The main content width is 594.
  4. The main sidebar width is 215.
  5. The content sidebar width is 171.
  6. The homepage widget width is 242.
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