Mimbo Proby Pro Theme Design

Hi there – thanks for choosing Mimbo Pro as the theme for your WordPress.com website.

  1. How many posts are displayed in the carousel?
    The carousel will display 12 posts, provided they have thumbnail images uploaded or assigned to the article
  2. My post has images but there are not thumbnails displayed? 😦
    For thumbnails to display you need to edit the post, go to the media uploader, and then select the image you want to use as the thumbnail and click ‘use as featured image’. The image will then be used all over the site
  3. How do I change the navigation on Mimbo Pro?
    Mimbo Pro uses the Custom Menu system built into WordPress. There is info about how to change the menu here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/
  4. Why do no categories display on the theme admin?
    For categories to be selectable they must contain content. Once a category has posts added to it, you will be able to select the category on the admin page for it to be used in places like the carousel and the category summaries.
  5. How can I change the header colours in the category summaries on the homepage?
    This can be done with the custom css upgrade. There’s an explanation on how to do it here.
  6. My images don’t show in the carousel – how can I make them display?
    Add images as outlined in question 2 above and they will show up in the carousel
  7. How do I edit the menu under the header?
    By default the menu lists your website categories listed by number of posts in the category – however you can change this using the WordPress custom menu functionality. You can read more about custom menus here.