Mayerby Reaktiv Studios

Mayer aims to be one of the easiest themes to use – its ultimate goal is to be as simple as Activate and Write. 

All of the other features are built-in and available upon activation so that you can focus on what you do best: publish great content.

The Theme Customizer

All of the customizable features for Mayer are available in the Theme Customizer.

Mayer Theme Customizer

This means that any changes and customizations that you make to Mayer will be immediately updated to reflect the changes.

Additionally, you can checkout what the theme will look like on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Theme Options

With that said, here are the available theme options that are available for customization:

Mayer Theme Customizer Demo

From the Theme Customizer, locate the Theme settings menu. Below this, you should see four fields:

  1. Twitter Username. To display the Twitter icon, provide your Twitter username without the @ symbol. For example tommcfarlin.
  2. Facebook URL. Provide the full address to your Facebook profile of your Facebook page.
  3. Pinterest URL. Profile the full address to your Pinterest profile.
  4. Google+ URL. Profile the full address to your Google+ page – this may include the old form (with the numerical user IDs), or the new form with the vanity addresses such as

And that’s it – everything else is managed by the theme itself.

There’s No Settings Pages?

Nope! The purpose of Mayer is to get you writing and publishing content as soon as possible. There’s no other options beyond the Theme Customizer that need tweaking.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that great care hasn’t been taken in developing the theme such that it provides a variety of features.

  • Never Leave The Editor. The WordPress Editor features the same styling as what you see on the front end, so there’s no need to toggle back and forth between the editor and the public view of the blog.
  • The Gravatar Headshot. Simply fill out your email address that’s registered with Gravatar in your User Profile settings, and you’re good to go.
  • Customizable Menu. As with most themes, you can complete customizer your menu from the Appearance menu in the dashboard.

But What About..

  • Featured Images? If you’d like to feature an image that the top of the post, simply use the media uploader and do so right within the editor – this creates a more true-to-life example of what your post content will look like rather than having the option off the side the of the dashboard?
  • Post Formats? Mayer does not currently support anything but the standard post format. It’s targeting those who are long-form writers, established bloggers, and the inspired author. To that end, Mayer removes anything that can prevent you from focusing entirely on your content.

Participate in Support!

As with all issues and other comments and questions, never hesitate to shoot a message over in the support forum!

Mayer is under constant development, and we care deeply about what authors have to say about their experience with the theme as well as what they’d like to see added, fixed, and addressed in future release.