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Massive Press is a Magazine and News theme that includes a clean, grid-based layout. The entire home page is 100% customizable with custom WordPress widgets that allow you to configure your website just the way you like it. Customize your header (colors, logo, menus, etc.) in seconds, and choose your content layout options for posts and pages.

Screenshot 2013-10-14 21.09.09Your Home Page — However You Want It
The Massive Press theme includes a unique 3-column home page template that is powered entirely by WordPress widgets. This means that you can configure your home page however you want it by mixing any number of available content widgets. The home page on the Massive Press theme demo uses just 2 different featured content widgets that are also included with the theme.

Responsive Layout
Massive Press includes a responsive layout, which means that it will look and function perfectly on any screen — mobile to desktop.

Customization Options
The theme customizer can be used to customize almost every aspect of the Massive Press theme including the Colors, Fonts, Header, Background Image, Menus, Logo and Layout Options.

Theme Layout Options
The Massive Press theme includes 3 different layout options that allow you to change where your sidebars are located in relation to your main content. For instance, you can have 1 sidebar on either side of your main content, or 2 sidebars to one side (left or right) of your main content.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Massive Press is a flexible-width, responsive design.
  2. Images and videos will scale to fit the viewing screen.
  3. Sidebars have a width of 216px.
  4. The main content with no sidebars showing has a width of 936px.
  5. The main content with one sidebar showing has a width of 696px.
  6. The main content with two sidebars showing has a width of 456px.
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