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A theme designed to give you the headliner status you deserve.

Marquee offers a simple but delightful experience, with its split screen layout and off-screen audio player.

Split Screen Layout

Marquee features a distinct split screen layout with prominent branding on the left and content on the right for desktop-sized screens.

Marquee: Split Screen Layout

Two off-screen panels can be toggled to reveal your navigation and an optional site-wide player.

Marquee: Offscreen Panels

Site-Wide Jams

The site-wide player highlights a custom audio playlist that lets fans listen to your music while they browse your site. The current track displays by default while the rest of your playlist is conveniently stored in an off-screen panel and accessed with a playlist toggle.

Marquee: Offscreen Playlist

Make It Your Own

Use the Customizer to easily add a site title and tagline or upload your own logo and header image.

Marquee: Customize Header


The music archive template provides the opportunity to showcase your discography — albums, singles, and EPs — all on one page.

Marquee: Discography

Single Records

Add an audio player to your single record pages to let fans listen to your music. Additional options include the ability to add record details, artwork, and links to purchase your music.

Marquee: Single Record

Video Library

The video archive template displays your videos on one page, providing a quick overview of your video library.

Marquee: Video Library

Single Videos

Add your latest videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other supported video services by providing a URL. Marquee will handle the embedding and responsive-video support.

Marquee: Single Video

Sharing videos from your own site with individual video pages helps you increase your site traffic and exposure to your music.

Homepage Widgets

Share featured content, social media streams, and more in the homepage widget area.

Marquee: Customize Widgets


Marquee is fully responsive, allowing visitors to access to your site on any device, from mobile to desktop.

Marquee: Responsive Music Theme

Quick Specs (all width measurements in pixels)

  1. The main content width is 800 and varies with browser width.
  2. The homepage widget area width is 800 and varies with browser width.
  3. The record archive thumbnail size is 1:1 aspect ratio.
  4. The video archive thumbnail size is 16:9 aspect ratio.
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