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Using the featured slider

The featured slider is super simple to use once you get the hang of it. Below are some guidelines to help you get the slider setup and looking good.

  • To add a post to the featured slider, you’ll want to mark the post as Sticky.
  • The description on the button in the sidebar of the slider (underneath the title) is pulled from the post content.
  • Next, be sure to add a “read more” tag to your post so your entire post doesn’t show up in the feature box.
  • Finally, set a featured image to your post.
  • Once your posts are properly formatted, feel free set a custom autostart and animation speed from the theme options.

Theme Options

Linen has a handful of theme options that you can access by going to Appearance → Theme Options. Here is a brief rundown of the settings in the Theme menu.

The first option in the Theme Options menu will be Custom logo image. Click the “Enable custom logo image” checkbox to turn on this feature. Once the feature is on, click the Upload Logo button to upload your logo using the Media Uploader.

Featured Slider Settings

This section gives you more control over the feature slider.  From here you can choose where to display the slider, the speed and whether to hide or display sticky posts.

Add Subscriber Icons

To add social media icons to your site, simply click the checkbox next to each service you wish to use. Once you have enabled each service, update the textboxes  below with your links. With the exception of Twitter, be sure to enter the full URL to your sites. Only the links you add will show up in the header.

Changing Your Fonts

In the Typography area you will be able to choose an Accent font and a Body font.

To disable the built-in custom fonts  set your Accent font to Helvetica and your Body font to Georgia. Once the fonts have been disabled follow the normal instructions for using Typekit with

Changing Your Layout

The layout settings allow you to disable your site’s sidebar or footer area. To disable an area just click the checkbox and save your settings.

Custom Background

The Custom Background feature is fully supported by Linen. More information and directions regarding this feature can be found on the Custom Background support page.

Looking for the self hosted version?

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