Just Dessertsby Automattic

The following instructions will help you get Just Desserts setup like the demo site. If you need help, be sure to let us know in the support forums.

Theme Options

theme options

Just Desserts comes loaded with fun options that help you personalize your blog. Head on over to Appearance > Theme Options in your Dashboard to set any of the options described below.

Social Links

Just Desserts provides nifty icons for your blog’s RSS feed as well as for your Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest profiles. These icons appear in a supplementary widget area just above the footer.


Have fun selecting the perfect accent color and link color for your blog! Either use one of the six designer-suggested accent and link color combinations, or use the color pickers to select your own combinations. The flavor possibilities are endless.

Headline Font

Choose between 2 great fonts for your post titles and other headers: Josefin Slab and Bree Serif. These two fonts are not available through our Custom Design upgrade. If you have the Custom Design upgrade, we suggest Museo Slab as another great alternative headline font.

Front Page

On the front page, Just Desserts loves to highlight your images. If you add a large featured image to a post (at least 920 pixels wide), the featured image will appear above your post content. If you create a post that has no featured images but does have at least three image attachments that are each at least 280 pixels wide, those three images will display in a mini gallery above the post on the front page.

Also, Just Desserts displays post excerpts on the front page. If you create a post that only contains images or video (and no text), be sure to type a short excerpt inside the excerpt module for that post so that it won’t appear empty on the front page.

Just Desserts Front Page Images

Image and Gallery Post Formats

Just Desserts supports three post formats — standard, image, and gallery. Posts with the standard format display your categories, tags, comment number and the post date in a unique, nifty gray inline box which is aligned to the right of your post content (or to the left, if your language reads from right to left).

If the inline post information box is not your thing, or if you like to create posts that contain lots of large images or galleries, it’s highly recommended that you use the image or gallery post formats, respectively. Image and gallery posts display the post information at the bottom of the post, freeing up the main content area to display your images at full width.

Sidebars and Custom Menus

Just Desserts supports four widget areas: three in the footer and one in a supplementary area above the footer, aligned to the left of the social icons.

Just Desserts Widget Areas

Widget area names and social icon links in Just Desserts.

In addition to widget areas, Just Desserts ships with two custom menu areas: one main menu, and the other in the footer.

Custom Header and Custom Background

Of course, Just Desserts supports the WordPress features you know and love! Upload a header image and set a background color or image of your choice to put a final personal touch on your creation.