Iscaby Pro Theme Design

Sticky Posts

Sticky posts on an Isca powered site get a special treatment that makes them stand out. To make them stick, edit your post, and then in the Publish box press the ‘edit’ link and then tick the ‘Stick this post to the front page’.

Featured Images

Isca supports thumbnail images on blog posts. These are known as featured images. To use featured images, what you need to do is edit the post you want to add the featured image to – and then find the box labelled ‘Featured Image’. Click the link titled ‘Set featured image’ and then either select the image or upload a new one using the options provided. Once selected press ‘Set featured image’, then update your post and you’re done. It sounds more long winded than it is – I promise 🙂

Custom Menus

Isca has 2 menus available. By default the top menu displays your websites categories and the lower menu displays your websites pages. You can change these using the WordPress custom menu functionality. To keep things looking nice the menus are restricted to 7 items by default. To find out more about how to change the menus you can read the custom menu documentation.

Chat Post Format

The chat post format uses a custom layout so that you can make things look awesome. To make use of it you should lay out your post content in the following format:

Ben: Hello
Darren: Hi
Ben: How are you doing?


Isca features 2 sidebars. One displays in the footer on all pages. The other displays on the sidebar on the individual post pages. There’s information on the administration of sidebars available here.