Iscaby Pro Theme Design


Isca is a tumblelog theme for WordPress. It has been designed for people who create a variety of types of content. It is the perfect theme for creative people, and for visual businesses who want an elegant outlet for your work.

Your Design, Everywhere

Isca in use

Isca has been designed to look good on all devices – from desktop computers and laptops, through smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS). Isca looks elegant everywhere.

Sticky Posts

At the top of the homepage is a featured content space. This highlights your most recent post bringing attention to your most important content. Sticky posts can be used to highlight your most important posts. For instance a restaurant blog could highlight your new recipes, or a shop blog could bring attention to latest special offers.

Post Formats

As a tumblog theme Isca supports all of the WordPress custom post formats. Simply create your website content as normal and then pick the format most suitable for the post. For example if your blog post includes a video set it as the video post format and the video will be highlighted in your post.

Custom Sidebars

Isca uses a series of custom sidebars to allow you to keep things nice and flexible.

  • Sidebar Widgets – a right hand sidebar. If there are no widgets to display then the sidebar will be hidden and the content will stretch to full width. This sidebar only displays on individual posts and pages. It will not display on the homepage or archive pages.
  • Footer Widgets – widgets to display in the footer of the site. These widgets will hide if they are left empty. This widget will display on all pages.

Custom Templates

Isca includes some custom page templates. These give you some additional functionality that you wouldn’t get with a normal theme.

  • Archives – A chronological list of all posts published on your blog.
  • Full Width Page – A normal WordPress page, only it has the sidebars removed so that you can have content that stretches the full width of the site.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. At full width the main column width is 676 except in the full-width layout where it’s 946.
  2. The sidebar width is 230.
  3. Please keep in mind that this theme is responsive, which means that it changes size as the browser is resized.
  4. The post thumbnails (on the homepage) are 180 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.
  5. All featured Images are generated from the same initial image so make sure to keep the focus of the image in the center as the surrounding content may be cropped.
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